“No one from World Relief has ever come in wanting a handout. They have all come in and worked hard and moved up…The values of World Relief align with the values of Marsh Furniture company.”


Marsh Furniture Company

“They are amazing.  After the first group, our managers were literally fighting over who would get to have the next group join their line.”


–  Trina, Senior HR, Representative, Food Processing

“Hiring refugees through World Relief has greatly improved the staff at the Hyatt Regency…From our experience, many refugees bring a strong work ethic and assimilate to our work environment well. They participate…and really want to do a good job.”


Renee Perrin, Employment Manager, Hyatt Regency

“The partnership we have with World Relief benefits their refugees as well as our company….As part of our exceptional staff, they have been trained to serve our guests and exceed their expectations. Our guests return time and time again to repeat those memories that they have helped create.”


– Connie, HR Manager, Park Entertainment Services

World Relief has been an awesome organization to work with. I cannot begin to explain how much our supervisors and I have enjoyed working with your clients and now our employees. The Clients that you have referred to us and that we have hired have been some of the best employees that we have had. World Relief has been an important part of our organization in helping us find dedicated and hard-working employees.

We have seen a drop in employee turnover the past couple of years and part of this drop can be attributed to our employees from World Relief. We truly have a unique employee population because we are more diversified and have been able to help create a better environment. Many employees from World Relief have served as role models and have also been able to promote behaviors that Honeywell supports such as fostering teamwork and diversity and making people better. Honeywell Safety Products in Rock Island is grateful to you and your organization and we look forward to our continued partnership.


– Lena Marxen, Human Resources Generalist, Honeywell Saftety Products.

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