Volunteer Opportunities


The Friendship Partner Program is designed to match individuals or small groups of volunteers with newly arriving refugees to the United States.  You will be trained and equipped to assist us in the resettlement of refugees through service in areas such as: Life Skills, ESL (English as a Second Language), Transportation Assistance and most importantly: !

GNT's commit to assisting World Relief in resettlement tasks such as employment assistance, housing, transportation to appointments as well as befriending and connecting their refugee household into their community.  This includes weekly visits with their matched refugee household for at least 6 months.  GNT's are team-based volunteers, meaning that within the GNT there will be individual focuses such as: Welcome Team, Employment Team, ESL Team etc...


Front desk volunteers facilitate a welcoming and friendly environment for visitors to the World Relief Jacksonville office. Direct refugees, asylees and immigrants to needed staff members and field phone calls from clients, volunteers, donors, and community members in a fast paced environment. There is no better role to meet many refugees and World Relief staff members! Learn how to volunteer at the front. 

Other Volunteer Opportunities

  • Mentor Assistant  - [Times Vary] Professionals who come alongside a refugee individual to coach them towards their specific professional background, employment readiness, interview skills, resume and application skills

  • Client Care – [Times Vary] One on one Employment coaching, Parental Support, Youth Mentoring, Home ESL assistance through PC(Preferred Communities) or IAS(Integrated Assistance Services) departments.

  • Summer Camp Volunteers – [June-July] (See Summer Camp page for full details)

  • All Nations Soccer League. More information or contact Josh Kimball joshbkimball@gmail

Clarity for Applicants:

“World Relief’s mission statement is to “Empower the Local Church to Serve the Most Vulnerable.”  As such, World Relief seeks like-minded churches and individuals to partner with us as volunteers as we seek to ‘love first’ regardless of any refugees’ race, religion, nationality or creed.  Our desire is to equip and train evangelical churches to come along-side newly arrived refugees where the shared goals are:  (1) to make refugees feel welcomed, valued, respected and accepted and (2) to promote refugee self-sufficiency and interdependence with our community and churches and (3) to equip refugee families to contribute as Americans and integrate into this society.

All volunteers who will be in contact with refugee clients must undergo an Application Interview, Training and Background Check.

Volunteer application


Jose Vega, Office Director

JVega@wr.org or (904) 448-0733 ext. 106.

Download a Volunteer Application or TrackItForward Guide below: