Befriending A New Refugee Family

 Mandarin Baptist Church Volunteers Prepare the Way for New Burmese Family Arriving in Jacksonville!

Home Sweet Home

   Thank you Mandarin Baptist Church for welcoming a new Burmese family to Jacksonville.  11 volunteers from Mandarin Baptist Church came together to set up the apartment for a refugee family who will arrive this week. This group collected furniture, home goods and food to prepare the way for this family.        In less than 4 hours an empty apartment was transformed into a haven of beauty.  Donated furniture, pictures for the walls, accent rugs and family heirloom flatware grace this new home.

A Volunteer's Voice

Ashley found out about World Relief Jacksonville by doing an internet search about human trafficking. After finding out that our office provides services to survivors of human trafficking, she contacted us to get involved. Like thousands of other college students, teenagers, and young adults, Ashley feels compelled to do something to help those who are enslaved in the sex trade. Read below about the journey that led her to serving the most vulnerable.

My journey to working with World Relief Jacksonville actually began about 5 years ago after I went on my first international mission trip.

Giving it Away...

Saturday morning, around thirty teenagers and adult chaperons from Alachua (FL) drew a crowd at Robin's Nest Apartments by giving away several hundred articles of clothing, dozens of shoes, and a number of children's books. The youth group from Living Covenant Church spent the day playing games, teaching Bible stories, doing puppet shows, sharing lunch, and building friendships with the refugee kids who live there. Robin's Nest, on the southside of Jacksonville, is home to dozens of Burmese families.