Befriending A New Refugee Family

 Mandarin Baptist Church Volunteers Prepare the Way for New Burmese Family Arriving in Jacksonville!

Home Sweet Home

   Thank you Mandarin Baptist Church for welcoming a new Burmese family to Jacksonville.  11 volunteers from Mandarin Baptist Church came together to set up the apartment for a refugee family who will arrive this week. This group collected furniture, home goods and food to prepare the way for this family.        In less than 4 hours an empty apartment was transformed into a haven of beauty.  Donated furniture, pictures for the walls, accent rugs and family heirloom flatware grace this new home.

Small Things With Great Love

"Min ga la ba!" a new volunteer greets the young Burmese mothers who are seated on a rug in a crowded apartment. She has prepared for this meeting by learning several greetings in the language of her new friends. All of the ladies giggle, giddy to hear this American speaking in their language. Today was the first Burmese Moms' group meeting at Stonemont Apartments. Melissa, along with her mother, Rosita, will be spending time with these young mothers each week.