Stand for Immigration Reform

 Did you know that since 2009 World Relief has made efforts to see and stand for justice in our immigration system here in America? With the recent election behind us, now is one of the most hopeful times that we as Christians can make a non-partisan stand to see immigrants (both documented and undocumented) treated fairly and compassionately. We also desire to see our national laws reflect Biblical values and be enforceable to boot.

A Tragedy Befell Jacksonville Refugees

On Friday, October 13, a tragedy befell refugees in Jacksonville. Ten refugees returning to Jacksonville from their job on the late shift at Pilgrim’s Pride (a chicken processing plant) west of Jacksonville were involved in a fatal accident. Two Burmese refugees were killed and 8 other refugees (seven Burmese and one Bhutanese) were injured, at least two severely. The deceased, both men, leave behind wives and 9 children between them. The accident was caused by a car driving onto I-10 going the wrong direction and crashing into the refugees' van.

Change The World Weekend

* Kids Outreach at Eagle Rock Apartment Complex–

“Linda, Allison and Kathryn with family and friends went to Eagle Rock apartments to do a kids outreach and found another church was there already but this made it more fun.  The music was loud and the kids were all smiles-about 30 of them. They loved the music and the dances, songs, Bible story, and snacks. An interpreter was present.  Linda brought some crafts to do.  Our team join in with the children, helping and encouraging them to participate.  Everyone is ready to do this again.”

* A Home Visit to a Grieving Refugee Family–

Open House...Open Hearts!

Open House...Open Hearts!

We had over 150 people walk through our doors on Valentine's Day.  Hearts with "LOVE" written in multiple languages decorated the hallways and rooms.  Our staff dressed in their native clothing to represent their home country.  Representatives from local churches, universities, government & non-profit agencies and businesses toured our facilities.   Presentations from our staff and refugees were held at multiple times throughout the day.  Hearing the story of World Relief and testimonies from refugees gripped the hearts of the listeners.  Future volunteers and supporters of World Relief will arise from this year's Open House.