Did you know that since 2009 World Relief has made efforts to see and stand for justice in our immigration system here in America? With the recent election behind us, now is one of the most hopeful times that we as Christians can make a non-partisan stand to see immigrants (both documented and undocumented) treated fairly and compassionately. We also desire to see our national laws reflect Biblical values and be enforceable to boot.

Thankfully there are 9 other nationally recognized organizations who see things in a similar light. They have joined forces with World Relief to form what is called the Evangelical Immigration Table. The table collaborates and synergizes its efforts in order to reach the millions of evangelical Christians who are being asked to view this issue from a Biblical perspective. The challenge is being called 'I Was A Stranger' which is based off the scriptures in Matthew 25. The table has produced a bookmark which can be downloaded and printed directly from their website once you signup to take the 40-day challenge. There are 40 scriptures printed on the bookmark relating to immigrants in scripture directly.

With gun control and the national debt currently absorbing the daily headlines, it's no secret that Immigration Reform is the next controversial issue to take the hot-seat. The table is simply seeking to inform evangelical Christians on the language God uses towards his people on how to treat and respond to immigrants.

With such an effort underway, you can trust that the media is beginning to pay attention as thousands of churches are exposed to the challenge that they are facing in ministering to newer and more diverse groups.  Below you can view direct ways to get involved as well as a number of different news articles on the subject from a wide range of media sources.

Get Involved:

To watch the video - Click Here.

To read the Tables Statement of Biblical Principles and see a list of nationally recognized supporters - Click Here.

To signup for the challenge for yourself, your church, your campus or to challenge your legislators - Click Here.

Welcoming The Stranger Resource Website - Click Here.

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