Welcome Kits

Meet Tangible Needs of Newly Arriving Refugee Families

Refugees often flee their homes at a moment's notice. They arrive at our airport with few belongings, a difficult past and high hopes for the future. Welcome Kits provide the basic household items they need for their new start in a place of safety. 


Build A Kit In Four Easy Steps:

1. Pick a Welcome Kit (or multiple) from the attachment below or use our Amazon Wish Lists as guides.

2. Mobilize your small group, family, church or school group to collect the items on the list.    
Note: Items may be used, but must be in good condition.

3. Pack items in a sturdy box.  
Note: Large plastic bins work well and will be reused by refugee families.

4. Contact us to coordinate delivery of items to the World Relief Jacksonville office.

Along with your kit, a donation of $25 helps cover transportation and storage costs.**    

You can donate online or attach your donation in an envelope on the outside of your kit.

 **Donation of $25 is optional.

What Goes In A Welcome Kit?

View our Amazon Wish Lists as a guide to what is currently needed the most


World Relief Jacksonville Welcome Kit Flyer
World Relief Jacksonville Welcome Kit Flyer[/caption]

Emailable/Printable Version: Welcome Kits Main.docx

If you would like to make a monetary donation, we have the estimated cost for each kit denoted below:

Bathroom Kit - $40
Cleaning Kit - $40
Household Kit - $100

Bedding - $140

Bedroom - $400

Furniture - $600

Appliance Kit - $400

Baby Kit - $300

School Kit - $80

Employment Kit - $240