WHAT WE DO:  R&P provides services such as airport pickup, help with initial housing, food, cash assistance, social security and food stamp applications, help with school enrollment, and medical, ESL, and employment referrals.

 SERVICE CRITERIA:  R&P provides services to all refugees for 30 – 90 days, and if all the R&P core services are provided before the 90th day the case can be closed.

PARTNERSHIP: World Relief Jacksonville (WRJ) assists refugees in their adjustment to the United States during their first months after arrival in the country.  Our staff and volunteers work extremely hard to secure apartments, stock kitchens, provide cultural orientation, document official records, help refugees apply for social security cards, food stamps and Medicaid. We transport refugees to health screening, give referrals to English classes, and meet with clients for the first months they are in-country. We provide employment assistance designed to help the refugees secure jobs and become self-sufficient as quickly as possible.  In 2011, WRJ resettled 500 newly-arrived refugees. Funding for Reception and Placement services comes from the Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (PRM) [Department of State] in Washington, DC.

VOLUNTEERS: WRJ is the front line of assistance for new refugees in Jacksonville. In addition to donations of household items and furniture, volunteers can partner with World Relief Jacksonville to minister in a practical way to people from diverse nations. We seek to pair a volunteer with each family or individual who arrives in Jacksonville. Click here to become a volunteer.