RESETTLEMENT & PLACEMENT:  In partnership with local churches, businesses and community groups, our office provide services such as airport reception, initial housing, food, cash assistance, social security and food stamp applications, in addition, to help with school enrollment, medical, ESL, and employment referrals for newly arrived refugee families.

CHURCH PARTNERSHIP: Church volunteer groups are trained through World Relief volunteer programs such as 'Good Neighbor Teams', 'Friendship Partners' and 'G.O. Teams' to assist in resettlement work for new families.  In addition to meeting core resettlement needs, churches are given an opportunity to build relationships and provide much-needed friendship to refugees who might not have any sense of community or friendship upon arrival to the U.S.

World Relief provides valuable cross-cultural training and discipleship content for volunteer groups before serving.  This ensures that each volunteer group is trained and equipped to be successful in serving the needs of refugees in Jacksonville.

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