Good Neighbor Teams

A Good Neighbor Team (GNT) is a group of people partnered with a refugee household to assist in their first 6 months of resettlment into the United States.  Generally a GNT will consist of anywhere from 4-15 individuals who have completed the volunteer process which includes:

  1. Filling out a Volunteer Application
  2. Background Check
  3. Training through World Relief

GNT's will commit to assisting World Relief in resettlement tasks as well as befriending and connecting their refugee household into their community.  This includes weekly visits with their matched refugee household for at least 6 months.  GNT's are team based volunteers, meaning that within the GNT there will be individual focuses such as: Welcome Team, Employment Team, ESL Team etc...

A GNT is often a pre-existing small group from a local church, but it can be any group of people who desire to be in relationship with newcomers in the Jacksonville area.


( Video by World Relief Durham )

To learn more about Good Neighbor Teams, please contact our church mobilizer:

Travis Trice []

(904)448-0733 ext129