World Relief Friendship Partners

Friendship Partners

The Friendship Partner Program is designed to match individuals or small groups of volunteers with newly arrived refugees to the United States.  You will be trained and equipped to assist us in the resettlement of refugees through service in areas such as: Life Skills, ESL (English as a Second Language), Transportation Assistance and most importantly: Friendship!

During your 3 month commitment you and your group will walk alongside your assigned family (or group of singles) and assist them in adapting to US culture and their new lives in Jacksonville.  Friendship Partner volunteers will always be in close communication with WR staff and case workers through the entire process.  

The end goal is that our refugees are:

  • Moving towards self-sufficiency
  • Empowered to start their new lives with dignity
  • Proficient (or becoming proficient) in speaking English
  • Aware of what cultural challenges and goals they have
  • Befriended and connected with members of their community

Become a Friendship Partner

  1. Complete a Volunteer Application
  2. Interview with our Volunteer Coordinator
  3. Complete a Background Check (via
  4. Attend a Volunteer Orientation/Training
  5. Placement with your refugee household

Volunteer’s Covenant: - The Commitment


Contact our Volunteer Coordinator:

Laura Cook [ ]  904-448-0733 ext 100