On January 27, 2017 the new presidential administration announced significant changes to U.S. Immigration policy, including a substantial reduction of refugees allowed to enter the U.S., as well as funding cuts to the Refugee Admissions Program—and to resettlement agencies like World Relief—that compromise our ability to adequately care for refugees and immigrants.

While governmental policy may change, our commitment to standing alongside the persecuted, displaced, and vulnerable remains firm—but we need your help.

Since we began resettling refugees in the late 1970s, World Relief has partnered with thousands of local churches, and tens of thousands of volunteers, to welcome and integrate refugees into the United States, as well as serve refugees and displaced families in vulnerable regions around the world. The expected cutbacks to U.S. refugee programs and funding will compromise our ability to do this work and the infrastructure needed to serve refugees in the years to come. You can make a difference.

World Relief Jacksonville is seeking to raise private donations as well as build new partnerships with more local churches to help alleviate the loss of funding.  These funds go toward retaining staff who train volunteers and match them with newly arrived refugees as well as connect them with established refugee communities in the Jacksonville area.  Please join us in prayer for provision and for the church and community who know our work to stand in the gap during this challenging time.

To learn more about how to get involved in advocacy or to support World Relief nationally, see our 'Still We Stand' campaign hereFor large donations, planned giving or to contact our office with questions on this, you can reach us at 904-448-0733.  Please ask to speak with Travis Trice or Elaine Carson.

To make a direct financial contribution towards our office, visit: https://worldrelief.net/jacksonville/donate

To learn more about how you can lend your voice to peacefully and respectfully advocate in a non-partisan way, visit: https://www.worldrelief.org/welcome#welcome-refugees

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We are asking our community and church network to help spread the word about this need.  Use the template below to send a message via email/social media to your contacts: Use this template to share this message

Plan your own Fundraiser to support World Relief. Be creative!

DIY (Do-it-yourself) EVENT IDEAS

  • Ask your Pastor to take up an offering or support the mission of World Relief with monthly giving
  • ·    Hold a change drive at your school

  • ·    Put on a Bake Sale or Car Wash

  • ·    Host a benefit dinner


a. CREATE A FUNDRAISER: Click HERE (YouCaring) to get started

b. MAKE IT YOURS: Tell your story, photos & videos can't hurt either

c. GET STARTED: Whether it's $5 or $500. Get the ball rolling!

d. TELL THE WORLD: Start with the people closest to you!