Welcome Kits

When a refugee family first arrives at the airport, they only possess few personal belongings.  As they begin their new lives here in Jacksonville, refugees must 'hit the ground running' as they strive to become self-sufficient in a very short amount of time.  Getting started can sometimes be the hardest part.  You can mobilize your family, friends, church or team to put together Welcome Kits which are one of the most effective ways in providing basic comforts which these pre-selected kits provide.

World Relief will help guide you on what is most important and currently useful.  You can put together welcome kits your selves, or you can use our pre-set list on Amazon.com and easily purchase and ship a Welcome kit from your computer or smartphone!

-I want to learn more about assembling Welcome Kits locally

-I want to learn more about purchasing Welcome Kits via Amazon.com

Monthly Needs List

In addition to Welcome Kits, there are other specific items you can donate to assist newly arrived refugee families get a head start.  Each month we send out a 'Monthly Needs List' via e-mail to those who have subscribed to receive it.  This list changes with the current needs of our current clients and office staff.  It was created to help repeat donors give more effectively to current needs.  

-To subscribe to the monthly needs list, please send an email to Travis Trice at: TTrice@WR.org.

General Donations

Please be considerate and thoughtful when donating by remembering that these items should be in good, working and wearable condition.

Guidelines for donations:

  • Donations can be brought to our office located at 5107 University Blvd West Mon-Fri 9am-3pm.  Note: We are located in the 'Benco' building behind the RaceTrac gas station.  We have a donations bay located on the side of the building.  Please come inside first and see our receptionist to be instructed on where to place your donations.
  • Rule of thumb: If an item is in a condition that you would not use or wear, then refugees would not use or wear the item either. We do not accept ripped, stained, overly-used, broken or dirty items. Nice items bring dignity to our clients, and communicate to them that they are important and worthy. Check out this article for one perspective on this.
  • If you would like to donate large items or items in bulk, please contact us first and speak with our office by contacting our office at 904-448-0733

Gift Cards (for Refugees)

Publix, WinDixie, Wal-Mart, Target, Haircut, Starbucks, DunkinDoughnuts, Other fun places for new refugees to visit with their volunteers


English Resources

ESL or English learning materials, Flash Cards



Oxford English Dictionaries, Arabic/English, Spanish/English, Burmese/English, Tigrinya/English Dictionaries, French/English, Farsi/English, Swahili/English


Refugee Employment (Match Grant)

Bicycles, Bike Helmets, Bike Locks

Adult Lunch Boxes

Umbrellas & Raincoats

Deoderant for men & women

Briefcase / Messenger Bag



Document Holders

Map of Jacksonville

Planner / Wall Calendar

Wallet / Purse

School Supplies

Expandible / Collapsible File Folders

Rolls of Quarters (For laundry)

Laptops (In good working order)

Tablets (In Good Working Order




Contact our Volunteer Coordinator:

Brittany Johnson -BJohnson@wr.org-or- 904-448-0733 (Ext 105)