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"We see Jacksonville as a city of refuge for our clients to find freedom from their past and hope in their future.  It is clear that God is sending the nations to our doorstep.  We at World Relief see an opportunity to serve and love those who are arriving in our city.  Serving the vulnerable is only half of our mission though.  We also believe that the local church is the hope of the world through Jesus Christ.  World Relief is committed to equip, train and be a resource to churches.  It's not about churches serving us.  It's about real partnerships that work to complete the mission that God has given us all.  This is possibly one of the largest opportunities that our city has ever had to be a light to the nations."

-Travis Trice (Church Mobilizer)

For over 70 years, World Relief has been equipping local churches around the world to walk alongside hurting people. Two important areas have emerged that drive the way we partner with churches:

Collaborative Partnerships

As we’ve developed many areas of expertise, we’ve also humbly learned the value of collaborative partnerships. By joining World Relief as a partner, we invite you into a relationship with World Relief and other churches from the U.S. and even around the world to both bless and be blessed. The skills, abilities, and resources in your church will be used to help refugees in your community, and the relationships and experiences that develop will, in turn, be a blessing to you.

Mobilizing Congregations

It is our passion to see someone from a local church knock on the door of their hurting neighbor. Our hope is that partnering with World Relief will not only impact those you are reaching, but it will also be a true discipleship tool for your congregation and bless your community as well.  Learn more about World Relief's Mission, Vision, and Values.

Top ways to get your church involved in refugee ministry:

-- Good Neighbor Teams --

-- Friendship Partners --

-- Welcome Kits --

-- Glocal Outreaches (G.O. Teams) --

-- Discipleship Resources --


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To discuss a partnership with your church or ministry group:

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